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Everyone fears the mist that surrounds and constricts the world. It is a place of fright. It kills on contact. It snares lost souls. It houses ghastly creatures. It is the realm of gods and death, and it has come untethered.  

Juru was an outcast from the day she was born. 

Her parents were not an auspicious match– so the Daykeepers said, so her grandparents say. It led them to premature death and a daughter born on an ill-fated day. But to Juru, their deaths were at human hands and not the fate of the gods. And she can't shake the feeling that the Daykeepers are reading the stars for their own agenda and not the good of Tegúal. 

In an act of desperation, Juru uses forbidden magic to seek guidance from her parent's lost souls. And they deliver, in the form of Tarnel, a guardian god from the heart of the mist itself. 

Strange and powerful, Tarnel seems to bring out the best in Juru's magic and challenges her to make more of her life. He could be the key to saving their world. But even as Juru's feelings towards Tarnel tangle alongside their magic, a new suspicion blooms. 

What if her parents didn't send him at all– and if not, just what has her ill-fated soul conjured on Tegúal?

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